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If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time thinking about design. And if you’re like us, that means thinking about outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s your backyard or balcony, deck or patio, we know how important it is to get the look just right. Take a look at these tips for making the most out of your outdoor space!

Create a focal point

Create a focal point.

A focal point is an area of your outdoor living space that draws the eye to it. It can be anything from a beautiful piece of art, to a stunning arrangement of flowers. Focal points are important because they help create the flow through your garden and help you direct guests where they should go next. A focal point can be used in many different ways: as an entranceway into your yard, as an accent piece near where people gather for parties or other occasions, or even just as something pretty to look at while sitting on one of your chairs!

Use plenty of natural light

There are many reasons to use plenty of natural light in your outdoor space. Natural light is important for mood, and it can help you save energy by reducing your reliance on artificial lighting. Natural light also creates a warm atmosphere that makes people feel relaxed, happy and safe–all things that will make them more likely to hang out outside!

Additionally, having plenty of natural light helps you see better (especially at night), which is helpful when using your outdoor living space as an entertainment area or playing sports like basketball or tennis. Finally, exposure to bright sunlight during the day helps regulate melatonin production; this helps promote sleep at night which means you’ll be able to get up earlier without feeling groggy!

Light up the space

Lighting is a great way to make your outdoor space feel more comfortable and inviting. You can use lighting to create a focal point, or simply set the mood for the evening. Lighting can also be used to create privacy (for instance, by using spotlights), security (by installing motion sensor lights), and warmth (by using string lights).

Embrace the outdoor living season

It’s important to plan for the seasons. Outdoor living spaces should be used year-round, not just when the weather permits. If you live in an area that experiences harsh winters or rainy spring months, consider adding some extra layers of protection for your outdoor furniture and decor. You can store it away until things warm up again–or use it indoors!

In addition to being able to use your outdoor living space all year long, it’s also important that you don’t let yourself get bored with what you have. Incorporating seasonal changes into your design plans will keep things fresh and prevent boredom from setting in too soon.

Consider furniture placement

When designing your outdoor living space, consider how the furniture will be arranged. There are a number of ways that you can arrange your furniture in order to create an inviting atmosphere for guests and family members.

If you have a table with chairs, consider placing them in a circle around the table so that everyone has a view of each other. Alternatively, place chairs at one end of the table and then use benches or stools at other ends so that people can sit next to each other instead of across from each other if they prefer this arrangement. If there aren’t enough seats for everyone who wants one (or if some people prefer not having chairs), consider adding additional seating options such as benches or cushioned stools so that everyone feels comfortable while eating outside together!

In addition to considering how many pieces make up each piece of outdoor furniture set(s), think about what kinds of materials are best suited toward making each piece look good over time once exposed regularly outdoors such as wood versus metal frames being used here…

Think about storage space

  • Think about storage space. It’s easy to forget that you need a place to store things like toys, shoes and patio sets when you’re designing an outdoor living space. But if you don’t make room for storage, things will get messy–and fast!
  • Choose the right kind of storage for your needs. There are many types of outdoor storage: cabinets, shelves and hooks are just a few examples. The best option will depend on what kind of stuff needs storing (i.e., tools vs towels) as well as where it’ll be placed in relation to other elements in the yard (i.e., near doors versus far away from them). You should also consider budget when making this decision since some solutions cost more than others; however there are plenty of inexpensive options available online or at big box stores like Target or Walmart

When you design your outdoor living spaces, we can help you get it right.

When you design your outdoor living spaces, we can help you get it right. We have a great team of designers who will be happy to help you with all aspects of your project. Our furniture ranges include everything from garden furniture to barbecues and fire pits; if there’s something missing from our range then let us know and we’ll do our best to find it for you!


We are here to help you get the most out of your outdoor living spaces. We can design your patio, porch or garden so that it looks beautiful and is functional for your family’s needs.